Isn’t it surprising that the new iPhone 5S doesn’t have NFC ??


   “The most forward thinking iPhone yet” as purported by Apple for its new flagship phone iPhone5S fails to include the new NFC (Near Field Communication) sensor. All other manufacturers are ready for a ‘tap-to-go’ or ‘tap-to-swipe’ and our iPhone 5S isn’t ready for that yet. While Japan (Sony), Taiwan(hTC) and South Korea(Samsung) and India (Micromax, Karbonn) are competing in the technology race by including everything from an infrared blaster to NFC on their flagship models, did Apple forget to include or is it ignoring it and concentrating on something else which might replace the nascent NFC technology? Bypassing this Apple managed to insert a 64 bit processor which wasn’t welcome. Many people are ready to forego the 64 bit processor to a better battery.

What is NFC?


   Means Near Field Communication. (I don’t want to go to Wikipedia to define it) NFC means just wave your Smartphone in front of NFC tag, and make your device do whatever yu want. Eg: Yu went to a movie and in the theater yu happen to come across an NFC tag and yu waived your smartphone, then your device automatically opens the movie reviews, show timings, wallpapers, ticketing details and also the profile of your device can be adjusted according to the theater.. What ever yu want, feed it to the NFC tag and wave your phone for it to be done.

Why Apple choose to ignore NFC?

  Apple likes to keep things simple, plain and easy to use (The main reason why Jobs hated a tablet with stylus in the first place). It doesn’t let anyone intrude into its operating system (Like touch wiz, timescape, sense on android). Its Apple’s ATTITUDE and many people like that attitude. Apart from the lot of things NFC is presently doing, NFC can be mainly used in railway stations, metros, ATM center s etc. For all these to happen there is a lot of infrastructure development which is not even ready in the developed countries yet and which takes lot of time and money to happen. And by the time everything comes equipped with, iPhone 5S will be long outdated.

   So Apple ignoring NFC on its new flagship phone can be justified to some extent but a mobile phone which costs 60,000 Indian rupees lacks a feature that is simply available in a mid range android and windows phones.