Few more hours away from iOS 7 .. Want to see what s new ???


Apple announced its new iOS 7 operating system and will be rolled out tomorrow that is on 18th of September 2013. Cant wait to get my hands on it. The entire OS is redesigned. The people at Apple claim that this update is like buying a new device itself. The update is given to the newly released iPod touch, iPad starting from iPad 2, iPhone s from iPhone 4 ..

   So get ready guys 🙂 and if yu want to see whats new with iOS 7 then click on the link below





What the heck does G, E, 3G, H, H+ mean ???

   You do not need to worry about these signs. These stand for the network and the standard by which you are currently on the network.

   First, there was only the GSM network, then there were improvements of the GSM network, finally the newer and faster UMTS network, and again improvements of it. The faster UMTS network is not yet available everywhere, so, often you have to go over the older and slower GSM network even today.


About the abbreviations:

  • G stands for GPRS and is the slowest standard, used is the GSM network (2G).
  • E is an extension of GPRS, it is called EDGE and it is correspondingly a little faster, but still uses the old GSM network (2G).
  • 3G stands for UMTS and is the successor to the GSM network and faster.
  • H and H+ are standing for HSPA and HSPA+. Both use the UMTS network, where H is faster than 3G and H+ is faster than H.
  • 4G stands for LTE and is the fastest.



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New OS for mobile phones – Firefox by Mozilla

   Peak+, a new mobile phone with Firefox OS is coming. Its up for pre order in some countries (Not here in India). And from the pre order page we can see that it will be running Firefox OS 1.1 with a price tag of $200. It bears a 1GB RAM with a qHD(960*540 resolution) 4:3-inch screen and an 1800mAh battery .. Overall, the specs look decent. The company is trying to increase the number of the apps for its support without which the future of the OS is a void..


   Lets see how its going to breath in this Android, iOS conquered world with a minority status given to Windows  and a near extinction status to BB 10 😉

Advertising not only mean promoting ourselves, it also means bashing others – By Microsoft

   Microsoft’s promotion about its Surface RT tab has gone a bit aggressive. Instead of promoting its own products, it started criticising others. For its Surface RT ad it used Apple’s Siri voice and made fun of Apple’s iPad (Just go through the given video once). Initially it started with accusing Google of being Scroogle and now with Apple.  Some people have looked at these ads as the reverse of Apple’s “Mac vs PC” campaign. Anyways lets see where Microsoft goes with this.


Google Play Textbooks for rent – Good deal for students


   Google seems to be committed to education on mobiles. It started Google Play Textbooks. This will offer books from top five publishers and students will have an option to rent these text books and obviously there will always be an option for buying them. The BEST PART here is that it will offer these books for rent at a discount of 80%. Aakash 4 coming soon along with these books seems to be good deal for students here in India. But we will have to wait for sometime for these to happen as Google Textbooks is expected to launch in September.


Android for Elderly and Old

   For Elderly and Old who got very much used to those Nokia Series 40 and Series 60 platform mobiles, using a smart phone is a hefty task. They have to get used to the new icons, transitions and the biggest challenge will be typing on the glass.


   So for these ppl Jitterbug Touch 2 can be a solution i guess. This is a device with android platform aimed at these people. It replaces the standard Android icon screens with scrolling lists of large-font text boxes representing favourite apps and contacts. And this isnt the only smart phone that offers this type of interface. This same type is given i SG S4 naming it as “EASY MODE”. This also contains some useful apps like urgent care which might come in handy.




LG s poor marketing stunt … Its not cool LG

   Marketing has become an important factor for sales these days. Even if a best gadget is designed, its sales doesn’t go up if the marketing is not good … It can be seen in case of HTC One, the best device of 2013 but the sales are not as expected because of poor marketing.

   ImageNow if we come to the South Korean giant ( How many giants in that small South Korea alone?? Samsung, LG … My god !!!) LG when unveiling its new smart phone G2, it launched hundreds of helium balloons which contained vouchers for free handsets. Which some members of the crowd tried to shoot down using BB guns. This injured nearly 20 people. The company apologised to those who were injured and said that it will cover the medical expenses and the following events of the launch were called off. Its really not cool LG !!

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Huawei name change, why?

So Huawei (pronounced HUWAWEY), one of the worlds largest telecom companies, was considering changing its name two years ago. Reported in the WSJ, it was stated that the name was too hard for foreigners to pronounce. It also created a link in peoples minds between the company and the PLA. This drives fears of cyber snooping and hacker attacks. Consider this an effect of globalization. Its pretty sad when a company has to consider changing their name to appeal to western customers skeptical about a non-link between the PLA and Huawei. I was a little surprised that Huawei didn’t buy Nokia’s smartphone biz as a way to break into the US market. Oh well… I wish Microsoft luck with this endeavor. I still won’t buy their phones, but good luck anyway. BTW, the company is pronounced wah-way.

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Angry Birds and Croods fans now keep their progress across devices – iOS and Android

If you’ve ever been frustrated by having to recomplete levels in Angry Birds or The Croods when you download the game to a new device, Rovio has you covered.

After a limited trial back in May, Rovio has now announced that its account-synchronisation feature is being rolled-out globally across both iOS and Android devices. When you download a game to a new device, you just login with your Rovio account to continue right where you left off.

The feature is currently limited to the original Angry Birds and The Croods, but Rovio will be adding all its games over time.

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Moto X : A phone by Google that can be customised the way yu want …


  Want to customise your phone the way yu want with different colours, backgrounds and yu can even have your name or the name of your loved one engraved on it???

  This was the mode of publicity followed for Moto X the first mobile by Motorola after it was acquired by Google in 2011. This much anticipated smartphone is expected to launch on 1st of August.



 The Moto X made an appearance recently…  Google Chairman Eric Schmidt stood out from the crowd not because of what he was doing, but because of the smartphone he was using. When confronted, Schmidt explained that he was “not allowed to comment on the nature of this phone.”

  Gary He of Insider Images captured photographs of the executive using what appears to be the unreleased Moto X smartphone.