Why Apple?

Why Apple?

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Recently I was asked why do I promote Apple and wear a jacket with the famous Apple logo on it.

I suppose the simple answer to that is that everything just works so well together if you buy in to Apple’s Walled Garden.

I call it a Walled Garden because Apple protects you. Consider,  the Mac OS gives you the control, which you can override, to only install Apps that either come from the Mac App Store only and thus have been vetted by Apple for safety, or that come from the Mac App Store and developers that have been approved by Apple. On iOS devices, Apps are sandboxed which means that Apps cannot interfere with other Apps thereby creating a Malware situation.

On the Android side, any App can be put into the Google Play store without review and so the potential for harm is much greater.

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By Vamsi

Syrian Rebels Aim Mortars(Guns) With The Help Of iPads ..


     Reuters took an incredible photo of Free Syrian Army rebels on Sunday as they used an iPad to guide mortar fire in the country’s brutal civil war outside of Damascus.


Speculation around the photo has suggested that the rebels are using an iPad app such as iHandy Level Free to aim the mortars in the absence of sights.

“It is something they have been using for a while,” Eliot Higgins, a British-based weapons analyst, told the Times of London. “Some are also using smart phones. It’s quite common.”

Though civilians may be surprised to see a tablet used in the context of war, Apple anticipated it. The licensing agreement all iTunes users sign reads: “You also agree that you will not use these products for any purposes prohibited by United States law, including, without limitation, the development, design, manufacture or production of nuclear, missiles, or chemical or biological weapons.”

Source : http://www.huffingtonpost.com

Mid Air flip technology by Apple to protect phones… Nice one ..



Apple’s patent application number 20130257582 — “Protecting an electronic device” — aims to minimise breakages by causing your phone to flip in mid-air and land on a specifically ruggedised edge.

The system would work by using a motion sensor to detect if the device is being dropped and having that sensor communicating with a processor that determines the orientation of the phone — ie, what surface is currently hurtling towards the ground.

From there, it gets particularly clever:

The electronic device further includes a motor in communication with the processor and a mass operably connected to the motor. The processor is configured to drive the motor when a drop event is determined, and the mass is configured to rotate with respect to the motor to alter the orientation of the device.

So, the idea is that this motor would spin the mass in such a way as to ensure the device falls on to a protected area. There is a small mistake in the image but yu got the idea right??..

Even better, Apple goes on to suggest that a different method could be to use a “propulsion system” to direct the fall of the device. “The propulsion system may be implemented as a fan, a jet or other suitable propulsion device,” according to the patent application.

So, if Apple has its way, we might not have flying cars, but we will have jet-propelled phones.

Source : http://www.cnet.com.au