BBM(Blackberry messaging) app for android and iOS


  BlackBerry messaging app which I grew up hearing about and which was revolutionary in those old days and only exclusive for blackberry user will be available for Android and iOS users as well… Yay …

It will be available for free download from tomorrow (21st sept) for Android users and the following day for iOS users. But it will be a tough job for bbm to get a hold in the market as the market is flooded with similar apps like WhatsApp, Line, Viber and the Chinese aggressively advertised app WeChat.

  With such a huge competition ahead, BBM should have something new in order to attract the users right ??? And so it does have some cool features which I thought of when I was using WhatsApp. There is this excellent privacy feature that will go on help the app compete against others. Each BBM user will receive a unique PIN, meaning that they won’t have to share their phone numbers with new or casual contacts which is missing in some other apps as boasted by BlackBerry … So let’s wait and see …



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