LG s poor marketing stunt … Its not cool LG

   Marketing has become an important factor for sales these days. Even if a best gadget is designed, its sales doesn’t go up if the marketing is not good … It can be seen in case of HTC One, the best device of 2013 but the sales are not as expected because of poor marketing.

   ImageNow if we come to the South Korean giant ( How many giants in that small South Korea alone?? Samsung, LG … My god !!!) LG when unveiling its new smart phone G2, it launched hundreds of helium balloons which contained vouchers for free handsets. Which some members of the crowd tried to shoot down using BB guns. This injured nearly 20 people. The company apologised to those who were injured and said that it will cover the medical expenses and the following events of the launch were called off. Its really not cool LG !!

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