Huawei name change, why?

So Huawei (pronounced HUWAWEY), one of the worlds largest telecom companies, was considering changing its name two years ago. Reported in the WSJ, it was stated that the name was too hard for foreigners to pronounce. It also created a link in peoples minds between the company and the PLA. This drives fears of cyber snooping and hacker attacks. Consider this an effect of globalization. Its pretty sad when a company has to consider changing their name to appeal to western customers skeptical about a non-link between the PLA and Huawei. I was a little surprised that Huawei didn’t buy Nokia’s smartphone biz as a way to break into the US market. Oh well… I wish Microsoft luck with this endeavor. I still won’t buy their phones, but good luck anyway. BTW, the company is pronounced wah-way.

By Vamsi

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