Google announces that its Document editor is free for iOS and Android…

Google’s QuickOffice


  While Microsoft dallies on bringing a standalone version of Office to phones and tablets, Google’s firing back by slashing the price of its QuickOffice apps to ZERO.

The free app, which was previously restricted to Google Apps business users, is now available to all users on iOS and Android. Google had offered a $15 version to all users before, called QuickOffice Pro, but that version will be discontinued according to Android Police.

  Until now, Google Drive was the search giant’s answer to Office for non-enterprise users. But Drive has one big drawback: It cannot directly deal with Office formats such as .doc and .xls, so it has to convert them to Google Docs files first. That’s a hassle, and it can introduce compatibility problems. QuickOffice lets you open and edit those Office documents without converting them. (Strangely, the opposite drawback applies for Google Drive files: You can view them within QuickOffice, but you can’t edit them.)

  Google acquired QuickOffice in June of last year, and it’s reasonable to imagine that the program will merge with Drive over time. In fact, QuickOffice already lets you save and load document files directly to your Drive storage. But for now, you’ve got one program for Drive documents, and another for Office documents.

  Microsoft, meanwhile, is just gingerly dipping its toes into iOS and Android with its Office software. Its apps are only designed for phones, not tablets, and their editing capabilities are basic.

That’s not to say QuickOffice is robust by comparison. It lacks its fair share of standard Office features, such as link insertion, table creation and line spacing. But unlike the mobile version of Office, which requires a $99 per year Office 365 subscription, you can use QuickOffice on phones and tablets for free. It’s worth checking out if you need a basic Office file editor. If you hook it up to your Google Drive account by September 26, you’ll also get an extra 10 GB of free storage for two years.

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BBM(Blackberry messaging) app for android and iOS


  BlackBerry messaging app which I grew up hearing about and which was revolutionary in those old days and only exclusive for blackberry user will be available for Android and iOS users as well… Yay …

It will be available for free download from tomorrow (21st sept) for Android users and the following day for iOS users. But it will be a tough job for bbm to get a hold in the market as the market is flooded with similar apps like WhatsApp, Line, Viber and the Chinese aggressively advertised app WeChat.

  With such a huge competition ahead, BBM should have something new in order to attract the users right ??? And so it does have some cool features which I thought of when I was using WhatsApp. There is this excellent privacy feature that will go on help the app compete against others. Each BBM user will receive a unique PIN, meaning that they won’t have to share their phone numbers with new or casual contacts which is missing in some other apps as boasted by BlackBerry … So let’s wait and see …



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Youtube to add offline viewing to its mobile apps in November


   This might be a very bad news to a friend of mine who recently purchased a youtube downloader app on ios and to many app developers who made such apps or who are planning to make them. The revolutionary video sharing website youtube which has its own app on mobiles and tablets lets yu save the videos for offline viewing. This solves many problems. Infact my of us are expecting this to happen. This update will be rolled out in November but the exact details about how it is going to work etc are unclear for now. And as windows app store and blackberry store lack an official youtube app, this will be available for ios and android users. We very well know that recently youtube updated its app to play a video on the background while yu can browse other videos… and this addition was received well by the users.

Few more hours away from iOS 7 .. Want to see what s new ???


Apple announced its new iOS 7 operating system and will be rolled out tomorrow that is on 18th of September 2013. Cant wait to get my hands on it. The entire OS is redesigned. The people at Apple claim that this update is like buying a new device itself. The update is given to the newly released iPod touch, iPad starting from iPad 2, iPhone s from iPhone 4 ..

   So get ready guys 🙂 and if yu want to see whats new with iOS 7 then click on the link below



What the heck does G, E, 3G, H, H+ mean ???

   You do not need to worry about these signs. These stand for the network and the standard by which you are currently on the network.

   First, there was only the GSM network, then there were improvements of the GSM network, finally the newer and faster UMTS network, and again improvements of it. The faster UMTS network is not yet available everywhere, so, often you have to go over the older and slower GSM network even today.


About the abbreviations:

  • G stands for GPRS and is the slowest standard, used is the GSM network (2G).
  • E is an extension of GPRS, it is called EDGE and it is correspondingly a little faster, but still uses the old GSM network (2G).
  • 3G stands for UMTS and is the successor to the GSM network and faster.
  • H and H+ are standing for HSPA and HSPA+. Both use the UMTS network, where H is faster than 3G and H+ is faster than H.
  • 4G stands for LTE and is the fastest.



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New OS for mobile phones – Firefox by Mozilla

   Peak+, a new mobile phone with Firefox OS is coming. Its up for pre order in some countries (Not here in India). And from the pre order page we can see that it will be running Firefox OS 1.1 with a price tag of $200. It bears a 1GB RAM with a qHD(960*540 resolution) 4:3-inch screen and an 1800mAh battery .. Overall, the specs look decent. The company is trying to increase the number of the apps for its support without which the future of the OS is a void..


   Lets see how its going to breath in this Android, iOS conquered world with a minority status given to Windows  and a near extinction status to BB 10 😉

Advertising not only mean promoting ourselves, it also means bashing others – By Microsoft

   Microsoft’s promotion about its Surface RT tab has gone a bit aggressive. Instead of promoting its own products, it started criticising others. For its Surface RT ad it used Apple’s Siri voice and made fun of Apple’s iPad (Just go through the given video once). Initially it started with accusing Google of being Scroogle and now with Apple.  Some people have looked at these ads as the reverse of Apple’s “Mac vs PC” campaign. Anyways lets see where Microsoft goes with this.

Google Play Textbooks for rent – Good deal for students


   Google seems to be committed to education on mobiles. It started Google Play Textbooks. This will offer books from top five publishers and students will have an option to rent these text books and obviously there will always be an option for buying them. The BEST PART here is that it will offer these books for rent at a discount of 80%. Aakash 4 coming soon along with these books seems to be good deal for students here in India. But we will have to wait for sometime for these to happen as Google Textbooks is expected to launch in September.