Samsung Galaxy tab 3 – Planning to buy one ? Just go through this ..


  This is a brief description on the recently launched mid size budgeted tablets by the South Korean giant SAMSUNG, the Samsung galaxy tab 3 T211 (a 7” tablet) and Samsung galaxy tab 3 T311 (an 8” one). The “3″ in the name is because this is the third generation of Galaxy Tab devices. Samsung kept clinging on to its signature design language with both the tablets which are similar to S4.

Nothing much is disturbed in the 7” galaxy tab 3 T211 compared to its predecessor except

  • The processor which is updated from dual core 1 GHz processor to dual core 1.2 GHz processor which gives improved performance and multi tasking capability.
  • An improved secondary camera mainly very useful for people who use Skype and related apps.

  People who are planning for a decent budgeted device can go for this without a second thought as it does its job fairly well.

  The resolution of the device is not disturbed leaving it with a pixel density of 170 ppi, which I personally don’t like and which mainly pulled me back when I was planning to buy a tablet in a 7” range (I mainly consider a pixel density of 200 or more as a decent one because the main purpose of a tablet is eBook reading, browsing etc everything related to text more than images, at least for students). But by improving the processor and the front camera, Samsung made this 3rd gen 7” tablet attractive in 17k price range and for this comfortable price tag this tablet is a good steal.

 Coming to the 8” tablet, The Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 is a good-looking device. 

Yu can see the difference in the size of bezel here …

 That increase in one inch of display really matters. Actually the measure of the screen size diagonally does a poor job in explaining how the screen looks. (Can yu really believe that the viewing area of a 10” tablet is almost double that of a 7” tab with just an increase of 3 inches in the diagonal!!)

 Samsung did a nice job by keeping the size of the tablet to a minimum by scrapping it off from the size bezels. Yes, this 8” tablet’s bezel is decreased to keep the size of the tablet to a minimum.



Things to consider if yu are going for the 8” tab…

Pro s

  • First thing is that the pixel density of this tab is 189 ppi (The screen size is increased and with increase in screen size, the resolution is also increased to 1280 X 800 pixels, finally arriving at a density of 189ppi, better than the 7” tab)
  • The improved processor and camera in tab 3 makes it a good upgrade.

Con s

  • The main important problem with this 8” tab is that the bezels are chopped off to keep the size to a minimum. So if yu want to hold it with one hand, then yu can do so by holding it like a mobile wrapping it with your hand around its back. But, there will be a problem in holding the device with one hand with a thumb on the front part of the tablet, as yu do not have enough space.
  • While yu are operating this 8” tab in landscape mode, be careful that your fingers do not touch the back button.
  • For now, its overpriced, but just wait for few months… The price of both the tablets will come down for sure…


Image I just want to point out the difference between Apple and Samsung here… iPad mini also has a very thin bezel, but the software in iPad mini is programmed to intelligently recognize whether your thumb is simply resting on the display or whether you’re intentionally interacting with it. So it’s a great example of how Apple’s hardware and software work together to give the best experience possible.


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