Top 5 reasons why we Indians generally hesitate to purchase apps

We just think that our job is done once and for all after buying the device by referring and analysing all the reviews and opinions over the net but the actual work of making the device work perfectly to its maximum potential starts with installing perfect applications/software on it. Software bears a lot of importance in determining the performance of the device. As it is evident from the case of the then WINDOWS to the recent ANDROID, the software industry still possesses the potential to be money minting machine. Without effective software installed on the device, it is nothing more than an empty shining box. In fact people all over the world realize this and consider the activity of finding the best apps for their device as first-to-do thing when they own a smartphone/tab/pc. But most of we Indians hesitate to buy applications for our devices and many reasons can be attributed to the same ..



     1)  Piracy: The main reason will be that we get Pirated apps to do the job and those perform very well to some extent.But we need to look at this that 63% of Indian Users use Pirated software. The Indian Government lost an estimated $866 million (Rs 4330 Crore) in taxes in FY 2009 to software piracy alone. (This was according to the 2011 Global Software Piracy Study done by an independent firm Regarding gadget apps I think APPLE does a very nice job by being rigid and not allowing any third party or pirated apps accessing their devices, at least without jail breaking the device. Android to some extent tried this but they allow third part apps on their device.

2)  Why Buy? We are habituated to go with the default applications. From times where we used windows 98 to the recent windows 8, we never really used any purchased software. We generally use the pre installed softwares that come with the devices and we generally don’t go beyond those apps.

3)  Free apps save us: We get adjusted to the free apps that are available on the store, even though they won’t completely unleash the full potential of the device. They just barely complete the job.

4)  Price point : Shedding few bucks for good app is a burden for us. After purchasing a device for around 10,000 to 50,000 (rupees), they take a step back for spending even 1% of the price paid for their devices for a good and decent app. After all how many people have Pages or Documents (full version) installed on their iPad.

5)  Credit Card : Having a credit card. I don’t think many will fall under this category because a person who buys a tablet or any gadget must be having access to bank account. But many of us hesitate to use on line banking.

Why they should?

Asia is a big emerging market all over the world in apps download or purchase. Japan, South Korea and most of the ASEAN countries are amongst the top not only in Asia but all over the world. India as an emerging market has shown its full potential to the world in smart phones division. We Indians should start buying apps rather than going for third party applications because, you can see below

1)  Using it completely: As we have talked about the importance of the software, without a good software on a device we won’t be able to utilize the device to the fullest. Good applications unleash the full potential of the device, be it a pc or a tablet or a smart phone.

2)  Virus all over: Black market is available but the apps available there will not be up to date and there is always a problem of viral attack or hacking. Sometimes even the antivirus software that has full access to all the controls on a pc will be a cracked one. Complete protection will be available from genuine purchased apps.

3)  Outdated pirated apps: Pirated apps will be outdated, they won’t receive updates and some applications need to be customised to the device on which they are installed and this can be enjoyed with genuine software.

4)   Ad Free: Last but not the least is that the genuine apps will be Ad free ;-). Not a big advantage but adds to the advantages and also saves your 3g data.

And finally the human mentality of trying to get to the desired result in the cheapest way, and in the case of (pirated)apps, when the apps can be arrived at and downloaded without much effort, then why pay for it ? is common question asked by the human psyche. Hopefully this time next year we will be able to report that things have changed.

By Vamsi